Saturday, March 26, 2011

March Madness!!

Yes I know I've been a bad blogger! sorry to everyone that has been following my blogs regularly but I am back! So my plan is to start from the most recent and what is happening currently and then work my way backwards ( hopefully not to far back as I know that you dont wanna be reading no old news) a bit and let you in on what has been keeping just so busy exactly!

Ok, so for those that have been keeping up a bit with my facebook statuses, you may have noticed that I might have mentioned the words' Go Duke' more than a few times...well..the truth is that I am completely and totally obsessed with Duke Basketball! The Blue Devils (I know, I would have preferred it not to be 'devils' too but what can I do?), anyway, there are the best team ever! So what's happened is that we have the league team games that they play most of here at school, then we have the ACC tournament which is kinda like a regional tournament and then we have the NCAA which is the National Championship and is referred to as 'March Madness' where basically everybody stops what they're doing and watches college basketball for the month of March. Seriously, the US GDP drops by like 0.5% in March because people are not working. The equivalent of what happened during the 2010 World Cup for us!

So for the home games here at Duke, the tickets are crazy competitive. There are only one of a few ways to get them:

1. You buy season tickets for about $20 000 for the year and you get the privilege of being called an 'Iron Duke' (those are these rich people who live around here and who either went to Duke or their whole family went to Duke or whatever)

2. You participate in what's called 'Campout' where the graduate students from the all the different schools campout in October for a week-end and basically live in either an RV,a U-haul or a tent for a week-end and have to respond to drills during the day and in the middle of the night to check if your whole group is still there.

3. You are a Duke grad student (like me) and you just go to the game one hour before the time, show your Duke card and get into the game for free!

This is my fab five choice!

This is our star...Kyrie Irving!

I'm sure there will be many more Duke Basketball posts to follow!