Thursday, October 28, 2010

Grad School in the USA!

So...looking at my last few blog posts, I've realised that I have been giving the impression that life is just one big ball of fun here in the States, well, let me correct that notion for you all very quickly! I am working my butt off here!! Studying, studying and more studying!!!!!!!!!! And very little sleep! Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I know how privileged and blessed I am to be at a school like Duke but trust me, they make you work for this degree! So, I will be giving you small snippets and insights of what you can expect if you do decide to come to grad school in America. This comic is an accurate description found on

This is exactly how it is! Except for the 'no grades' part!


Monday, October 25, 2010

North Carolina State Fair!!

Ok, so you need to brace yourself for this one! Its not pretty, don't say I didn't warn you guys!

So this Saturday past I went with some of my favourite people here (Sophia, Cary & Oliver) to the NC State fair! I heard all these crazy rumours that they had some weird things to eat at the fair, and I was like, thats so gross, who would eat a krispy kreme hamburger with bacon and cheese or deep fried oreos? Well, guess who ended up eating it! The State fair was a great cultural experience though and I learnt alot about American culture, not all of it was pretty, but at least it was educational!

Oliver's first meal of the night!

Cary is eating 'bacon covered in chocolate' seriously


Yum, mielies and turkey legs!

Double whammy!

Go Sophia!

All the turkey legs on the BBQ!

ok, this is when it starts getting rough!

Its a Krispy Kreme hamburger! (A burger in between 2 donuts!)

Deep fried Mac n Cheese!

oh and I played this very competitive fishing game!

And I won a hello kitty and we named her KK(aka Krispy Kreme)

Deep fried oreo and green tea!

Nice one Sophia! Deep fried oreos!

More oreos! my tummy hurts!

and fireworks to end the night!   
OH.MY.GOSH! I have never eaten so much junk in my life! oh well, until next year! I am turning into an American!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Washington DC!!!

hello lovelies!

So this week we are on a bit of a break from school! We get 2 days off!! whoop whoop! I went to DC for this Career Fair with my friends Jessie and Ai and we stayed in the Holiday Inn in Virginia (such a weird concept, you stay in a different State but then you take the Metro in to DC). But it worked out great! It was also Ai's birthday! Happy Birthday Ai! And we met up with the other guys in our class and went out for Spanish Tapas after the Career Fair. I had to wear a suit to the Career Fair, bleh.

Ai's birthday dinner!

Ai & I on the metro!

We're SO DC on the metro!

Oli, Nadia, Cary, Jessie & Ai at the Career fair!

MIDP classmates at the Career Fair
 We then went for Tapa's at this Spanish Tapas place! So much food (once again) but the place was great!
Spanish Tapas time!!

Nadia, Cary, Lauren, Yuko & Jeongmin!
 Sunday we went tripsing around DC. I went to the Capitol Building, The Natural History Museum and The War Memorial.
Me at Capitol Building!

Me with The White House in the background!

South Africa at the Museum   
In the Sculpture Garden

Lauren & I

Washington Memorial

DC is an awesome city! I am definitely a city girl! Out of all the places in America, I would love to live in DC. I have to go back at some point and take in all the rest!


Friday, October 1, 2010

Korean food is amazing!!!

Hi guys!

So talk about a nightmare of a birthday week!! So many deadlines and I had an Economics exam this morning that I don't even want to talk about! The good news is that we have what 's called 'fall break' next week!! 5 days off!! And I'm going to DC for the week-end!

So, you may have noticed that I have some lovely Korean friends here! My Korean brother is called, Jeongmin and he is the funniest Police Chief that you will ever meet! We worked on a team presentation together for Policy Analysis and spent hours and hours on campus! So, one night he decided to take myself, Yuko from Japan and Macarena from Bolivia to a Korean Restaurant!

So...enjoy the pics below! (I feel like I talk about food alot lately on this blog...haha)

this is the first round of side dishes (free with the meal!)

Everyone gets a whole fish as well! (free)

Jeongmin & Yuko happy to see food!

Macarena and I with my fish!

This is called Bin Bap? or something like that!

my Bulgogi in the front!
Yum, this stuff is de-lic-ious

Thanks Jeongmin (I call him JM!)  for the awesome introduction to Korean food!!

Thanks for all the brithday wishes everyone! Birthday post to follow soooooon!!!!!!!

Miss you all!