Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I survived DC day 1!

I survived day 1 on the metro in DC and made it to work on time. Had to leave my flat at 7:50 to make it to work at 9am. It was an interesting journey, everyone dressed in their suits with their takkies on the metro!

I take the metro from Prince George Plaza to U-street- Cardoza (on the green line) right opposite Ben’s Chilli Bowl and then spotted a Starbucks cause I was in desperate need of coffee! When I came out of the Starbucks, I was stopped by a news reporter asking my opinion about a story of this man who the police pulled out of a wheelchair. This is the link: http://ust.wusa9.com/news/news/wheelchair-takedown-victim-speaks-out/57846 .  I told her I hadn’t seen it and then she showed it to me on youtube on her ipad while this big video camera was in my face! She then asked if I thought it was excessive police force?? I said yes! So when you see that line in blue saying “Witnesses to the takedown all say it was excessive police force”, that was me!!! Haha. Ridiculous.

This is my apartment block.

Its in Hyattsviille but fortunately only 5 stops from where I need to get off and right opposite the metro. The apartments are very nice and fancy, opposite a mall but I found out when I went to the mall that I am living in the hood!! Fortunately I do blend in as long as I don’t open my mouth! The accent gives it away! I’m living with a law student who just graduated and is studying for her bar exam.

At work today, I was sending out letters to speakers for our conference including some famous politicians and celebrities who’s names rhyme with Zarack o’Schwarma, Jono and many more. I’m sitting in an office with 6 more interns and no one speaks to each other. Weird. And they’ve been here for 3 weeks already. Even more weird. Anyway, will see what happens tomorrow! Working hours are from 9am-6pm and today I got home at 7:20. Hopefully the days will get shorter and go faster!

Loved being at home and seeing everyone (blog to come). Sorry to those I didn’t get to see! I picked up 4.5 kilos (10 pounds) at home!! Ridiculous, but totally worth it.