Monday, August 30, 2010

Durham - Week 1 Update!

hello everyone!

This is just a short update on my first week & a bit in Durham, NC! I will post more soon!

For those who didn't hear, I flew out of SA on the 18th of August from Cape Town to Johannesburg to Atlanta and then on to Durham to study at Duke University for 2 years. The best part of the trip was that I got upgraded on  my Joburg-Atlanta leg which was awesome!! Those chairs in business class massage you!! I kid you not!!

I'm staying with Mandy who is a friend of Debbie's  for a few weeks while I am looking for an apartment. She is a really lovely person and I am so blessed to be stayig with her. She works at Duke hospital doing a very complicated procedure on children's hearts! She has really been good to me, driving me everywhere and showing me stuff! I just got a camera yesterday so i will post a few pics of Mandy's cute house soon. I have found an apartment this week and will be moving on the 10th of September 2010.

Duke's campus is absolutely amazing! I wish you were all here so that you could see it for yourself! My favourite part must be the chapel. Thats in the aerial pic I posted. I went on a tour of the campus last week but I want to do it again with my camera so that I can take pics to post for you all.

Classes start this week and can you believe that I my classes start at 8:30am every day! I think Duke is trying to turn me into a morning person!! Life will also become more hectic here from this week onwards but I will really try to become a regular blogger to keep everyone updated!

My fablist (highlights) from week 1:
  • Mandy's hazelnut coffee that she makes us every morning...yum!
  • Duke's amazing campus 
  • Finding a cool apartment
  • Buying everything online and getting it delivered to the house in 2 days!! ( I was made for this!)
Miss you all! xx

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