Monday, September 6, 2010

I survived week 1 of classes!

Hi everyone

Shoo! I am breathing a sigh of relief as I have made it through week one at Duke! I have 5 modules for this semester and each class happens twice a week, so every second day I have the same subject. Which means reading and homework is always for the next day! But more about Duke and classes to follow in a later post.

Right now, I thought I would share a pic of my new friend, Mandy's cute house that I am currently staying at until I move to my apartment, just a few km away.

Mandy's house and her car

Its so cute and beautifully decorated inside. Mandy does all of her own artwork so most of the rooms either have lovely paintings on the walls or cool photo's that she has taken. She is quite and artist and the two of us get along fabulously. She is actually a good friend of Debbie's and so Debbie put me in touch with her and she has been amazing in my first weeks here. Debbie also gave me a bike which you can see below, that I have not yet ventured out with. Its SO hot here, no sane person would be caught riding a bike to class!

This is my bike that I have not yet used!

I have however driven Mandy's car by myself this week to Walmart and then to college! I was very proud of myself for driving on the opposite side of the road and changing the gears with my right hand! I was just following the other cars in the road and telling myself, long lefts, long lefts. So yes, that was an experience! I did also take the bus twice this week. Even though Mandy's house is only about 10 mins from campus, it takes me 1hr14mins with the bus cause I have to take a bus to Durham station and change onto another bus to the house. And then walk for about 20 minutes in the 36 degree heat. And there were some very interesting people on the bus I might add!!

My favourite thing to do for supper at Mandy's is grilling on the gas barbeque! Now don't get me wrong, I am all about the SA braai but this is just so convenient and so much faster! Doesn't have the same braai taste of course, but it will do!

Cooking chicken on the grill!

This week-end I went to Southpoint Mall and went to a Duke football game which was amazing! Another post about that to follow soon!



  1. Well, your royal highness (YRH) is so good to hear from you and that you are familiarizing yourself with your kingdom! Inddee it is smart! and yup the food is fabulous coming from the royal kitchen (I know Chik-fil-A (Christian founder and they are not open on Sundays!..maybe?), but the mexican thingy looks like an shwarma from Anat!

  2. Hi, your royal hinny :)

    Good seeing you today..I'm finally a member of your blog..luvin it!

    All the best for the week ahead.

    Love and miss ya!
    Candice...curtsey :)