Sunday, October 10, 2010

Washington DC!!!

hello lovelies!

So this week we are on a bit of a break from school! We get 2 days off!! whoop whoop! I went to DC for this Career Fair with my friends Jessie and Ai and we stayed in the Holiday Inn in Virginia (such a weird concept, you stay in a different State but then you take the Metro in to DC). But it worked out great! It was also Ai's birthday! Happy Birthday Ai! And we met up with the other guys in our class and went out for Spanish Tapas after the Career Fair. I had to wear a suit to the Career Fair, bleh.

Ai's birthday dinner!

Ai & I on the metro!

We're SO DC on the metro!

Oli, Nadia, Cary, Jessie & Ai at the Career fair!

MIDP classmates at the Career Fair
 We then went for Tapa's at this Spanish Tapas place! So much food (once again) but the place was great!
Spanish Tapas time!!

Nadia, Cary, Lauren, Yuko & Jeongmin!
 Sunday we went tripsing around DC. I went to the Capitol Building, The Natural History Museum and The War Memorial.
Me at Capitol Building!

Me with The White House in the background!

South Africa at the Museum   
In the Sculpture Garden

Lauren & I

Washington Memorial

DC is an awesome city! I am definitely a city girl! Out of all the places in America, I would love to live in DC. I have to go back at some point and take in all the rest!


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