Friday, October 1, 2010

Korean food is amazing!!!

Hi guys!

So talk about a nightmare of a birthday week!! So many deadlines and I had an Economics exam this morning that I don't even want to talk about! The good news is that we have what 's called 'fall break' next week!! 5 days off!! And I'm going to DC for the week-end!

So, you may have noticed that I have some lovely Korean friends here! My Korean brother is called, Jeongmin and he is the funniest Police Chief that you will ever meet! We worked on a team presentation together for Policy Analysis and spent hours and hours on campus! So, one night he decided to take myself, Yuko from Japan and Macarena from Bolivia to a Korean Restaurant!

So...enjoy the pics below! (I feel like I talk about food alot lately on this blog...haha)

this is the first round of side dishes (free with the meal!)

Everyone gets a whole fish as well! (free)

Jeongmin & Yuko happy to see food!

Macarena and I with my fish!

This is called Bin Bap? or something like that!

my Bulgogi in the front!
Yum, this stuff is de-lic-ious

Thanks Jeongmin (I call him JM!)  for the awesome introduction to Korean food!!

Thanks for all the brithday wishes everyone! Birthday post to follow soooooon!!!!!!!

Miss you all!


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