Monday, November 8, 2010

Durham - The City of Medicine

Hello lovelies,

Not sure if I showed around campus and town yet, if not, then this post is way overdue! Durham is an interesting town (they say city, but this is not a city), lots of intellectual people live here apparently. Here are some random facts about Durham that you might not have known (Americans love to rank everything!) :

# 1 Greatest Basketball town to visit (with Duke being the best in the country)
# 1 Best Place to Retire
#1 in America's Foodiest Town (haha! who rank's the foodiest town!)
# 2 Best Green Cities
# 4 Most Affordable city to live
# 6 in America's smartest cities
# 7 Best place for college students to live

You can click here if you want to read more about Durham's "Accolades".

Here are some of my pics from the first couple of weeks!

At Sarah.P. Duke Gardens - (A 'bit' like Kirstenbosch)

In front of Duke Chapel

Another view of Duke Chapel

Concert in the Tobacco District

One of  2 buildings where I spend most of my time! Rubenstein

The other one - Sanford Building

Linzay in front of the best take out in America!

Rev Dr Rinquest preaching in the Divinity School

Organ inside the Duke Chapel

Linzay & I in front of Duke Chapel


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