Friday, November 5, 2010

Nadia & Jeongmin go bowling...

So, if you didn't know that bowling was a technical game, try playing it with a Korean! Tonight I learnt that it has formulas and everything. Its not just about bowling the ball as straight as you can and hitting the pins. Its way more complicated than that and apparently they teach you all this in University in Korea. I'm telling you, we need to move to Korea.

This is basically how the conversation went:

Jeongmin: Nadia, there are 3 things you need to do! Follow the middle arrow, then get lower Nadia, lower. Now keep your arm as straight as possible.

Nadia: Ok, I just hit 9 pins, now what?

Jeongmin: Ok, now you need to follow the formula. Go 6 right, then aim between arrow 1 and 3 (and there is a different formula for every different pin left standing...). Lower Nadia, lower, you're still too high.

Nadia: Ok, I got it!

Jeongmin: I told you the formula works! Ok, not everytime, but most times.

Jeongmin: I know what, let me take a video of you bowling on your camera, so that I can show you what's wrong with your technique! Cause you not getting it, the ball is always honest Nadia, it can only go in the direction that you bowl it!

So now my back is in its chops and my thighs are basically broken and I broke 2 nails...I'm not so sure if I will be able to move tomorrow!! But it was so much fun and after 7 games of bowling...I think I may have figured out the formula...Jeongmin is a great teacher! I didn't win one game though and may need to go back next week for a rematch!!

JM putting on his shoes!

Me putting on my shoes!

Seems weird to wear other people's shoes...

Check out the technique!

Pizza time! its always pizza time here...

This was like game no 5 or something...I promise I did better than this!

The Korean 'V' sign...apparently it means 'Victory'
This is proof at how good JM is and how terrible I am (was)! I did make some improvement from game 1 to game 7!


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