Monday, April 11, 2011

Road Trip!! Winter day at the beach!

Road Trip!

Coming from a coastal town, you don't realise the value and beauty of living that close to the ocean until you miss it. So, I basically made my friends drive the 5 hour drive to the beach and back one 'sunny' winters day in Feb, just to put my feet in the ice cold water and smell the fresh ocean air and then drive back! But t it was sooo worth it!

yay!! the ocean!


Sophia inspecting that her pedicure is still intact :)


mmm...bloody mary!!

lunch! Tuna something

Agon the Duke model :)

Agon's favourite position - behind the camera
Green tea and fudge time!


We went to a small quaint town called, Wilmington, where they film 'One Tree Hill' (did you know that?) but I didn't see Brooke or Haley or Nathan, or any of them even though I was looking out for them! And then we went to the beach near there called Wrightsville beach. It was a great mini road trip, with ice-cream, fudge and lots of sing-along in the car!


Most of these pics were taken by Agon Maliqi

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