Friday, September 24, 2010

MIDP Faculty and students potluck!

hello everyone!

For some reason, people love to have potlucks here in the USA! I think I went to like 4 potlucks already and I have another one this week-end! The photos that I am about to share are from our faculty potluck that was held at our Director's home, in her front garden! Everyone brought dishes from their home country which was tasty and interesting!! I thought this would be a good oppportunity to share with you some of the people in my class and my new friends!

This is Jimin, the cutest Korean ever!

This is my Korean bro, Jeongmin &  Jimin, his wife! Aanyeong!

My Japanese friend, Ai Tachikawa! Konichiwa!

My American friend Sophia!

My Argentinian bro, Matias! his in a bad mood :(

My 'peeps' Oliver, Matias, Cary, Mike & Sophia!

Sushi that someone brought!

Turkish food!


My Colombian friend, Johanna!

Johanna gave me a lift home! Cool car!        

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