Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 2 - Oxford

Weather started off just a little chilly today but then got all colder as the day went on! I left the house with Ruth to drop the kids off at school and then we went to the office which is in an industrial area called Abingdon just next to Oxford. This is what the office looks like from the outside.

I had a meeting in the morning to talk through the format of some of the presentations that we are going to do next week and then I was left by myself to work on the presentations for the rest of the day. The office is a open plan with lots of people working in it. They were all really friendly and helpful and we might go out for listen to live music some time. This is the view from my desk.

This is what I had for lunch today! My favourite drink back home is Coke light but here in the UK they have this citrus zest coke light which is even better. I only ate half of this Milky way bar as it was a bit sweet and I didn't like it too much, bit like a bar one I guess.

Today is also voting day in the UK and everybody is nervous about the outcome as it doesn't seem as if one party will have an outright majority and the voting system is actually very confusing. Apparently, if a party does not have an outright majority, the current Prime Minister still gets to be the Prime Minister even though his party didn't win? Huh? I'm like, you didn't win, get out of the way! What kind of democracy is that?

I know I promised a post about the inside of the house, I might do it later!

Have a lovely week-end!!


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