Sunday, May 9, 2010

Week-end Update! Days 4 & 5

Hello Friends

Yes, I know this is a delayed week-end post! Please bear with me, I'm not getting to my internet as often as I do at home.

This past week-end I spent most of my time in Oxford City. I went in on Saturday and on Sunday! Ben gave me a ride on Sat morning and showed me how to use the bus system, so I am now capable of going in and coming home all by myself!

Oxford City is soooo BEAUTIFUL! I can literally just spend the whole day there! Here are some photos of the city. All the colleges as in Oxford University are like different buildings in the city! It was freezing and raining a bit when I was in on Sat, so I wasnt keen on being outside and taking my hands out of my coat pockets to take pics! lol.
Everyone is Oxford rides bicycles!! They are everywhere. And then they just leave them on the sides of the road unlocked!! Imagine that in SA! Oops, where'd my bike go??

This is just a pic of one of the stores that sell the Oxford merchandise! I like those hoodies! They also have a purple one ;)

These signposts are very handy when you get lost!
This is Carfax Tower. One of the famous touristy things to do in Oxford. I still wanna go to the top on a sunny day to get a view over the whole city!

Oxford is not known as the city of Spires for nothing!

This is one of the schools colleges, the history college I think?

Its going to be freezing here tonight. -2 degrees I think!

I'm off to bed. have a presentation early tomorrow morning!


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  1. Those brownies look divine!
    The weather looks exactly like Cape Town - it's still raining here!
    Chat soon,toodles.