Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm off on a jetplane!

Hello Everyone!

The day has finally come where I have to head off to Oxford for 3 weeks and to Northern Island for 6 days! So I'll be leaving the sunny shore of Cape Town for a month in the UK!

I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers as I endeavour to be part of a fundraising drive to raise money to send poor children in South Africa to camps as well as to support holiday projects that will keep them safe during the Soccer World Cup happening in SA next month!

I would like to let you all know that my blog will become a bit of a travel blog as I document my time in the UK and countdown the time to come home! I will miss my hubby and all of my family and friends so much!! eek!!! This blog and your comments will be my only sanity!!

You'll be happy to know that my bag is packed and ready to go with coats and boots as well as I've checked and the average temperatures in Oxford at 2 degrees in the morning and 13 degrees in the afternoon! help!

I'm off!! Will keep you posted on my UK travels!


*pics from weheartit.com


  1. I'm sitting here with a heater,boots,2scarves and hot chocolate...thinking I must be getting the worst of winter!Guess I wouldn't cope where you are now hey! Good luck my friend....I am missing you already! Mwahzziesss...Lovies you!

  2. Missing you already my friend!My social life is really going to take a knock until you get back...then it's party time cause we CAN!
    It's freaking pouring with rain this side - my poor children have cabin fever already.
    Not to worry about the hubby - I'm filling his weekends for him.Can't wait for the shopping to begin!Love you