Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oxford - Week 2 Update!

Hello lovelies

This will be a quick update, mainly with photos cause I really dont have much time to write long posts! My stay here in Oxford has been absolutely amazing and I have a feeling that the last 2 weeks is going to fly by!

On Tuesday I went to watch Ruth, the lady of the house play hockey! 'Our' team won 2-1! Go Pilgrims! It was freezing out but the hockey was quite enjoyable!

On Wednesday, I did a presentation about our project to 45 heads of schools and that was intimidating but exciting! On Thursday, I did an assembly at this school below about the the project and South Africa and the World Cup! The most embarressing moment happened when I could not blow the Vuvuzela in front of the children! It took me 5 tries!! I really need to practice!

On Thursday, the staff came over for a barbeque (braai!) and it was good fun. This is a pic of 2 of my new friends from the office!

This is the newly acquired fire pit! Bear in mind, this is not where the meet gets braai-ed, its essentially for heat and socialising! The meet gets cooked on the gas braai. Cool idea actually...

This is what we had for supper which they call 'tea' here. Confusing...I know! It was delish!

Loads more pics but not enought time to share...Will try and do a week-end past post soon.


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