Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oxford - Day 1

Hello everyone!!

This is the first of my updates on my stay in Oxford!

My flight over on SAA was nothing to write home about. Quite cramped actually and no individual tv's! how ridiculous!! The food was good though! Anyway, my prayers to sit next to someone nice on the flight was answered! I sat next to a wedding photographer from Cape Town called Monica Dart! We basically chatted the whole way through! If you want to check out her work, click here. The best thing is that we are on the same flight back and we're going to try and sit together again!

My first day in Oxford was pretty laid back. I planned to take a nap for 1 hour and ended sleeping for 4 hours. I was rather tired from the flight over! Below is a pic of 'my home' for the next 3 weeks. This is the Prior residence and home to Ben, Ruth & the kids, Freddie, Madeleine & Luke who are fast becoming my new best friends!

The 2 windows right at the top (on the 3rd floor) are my room with my own bathroom and the kids also have a 'lego' room on my level. Its all really nice and comfy and warm when the heating is on!

The house has really nice grounds on the outside as well with a chicken coop, guinea pigs cage and trampoline in the backyard. I've already found my first egg in the chicken coop, had to explore the garded extensively and jumped on the trampoline several times! At least I am getting my exercise!

Thats chicken coop on the left & the guinea pigs on the right

Thats my first egg!

Hope you enjoyed the pics of my 'home' in Oxford. Maybe I'll show you around a bit inside tomorrow!


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  1. Such a cute house - I love it.You a get a real country feel.Glad you are all settled in my friend.