Tuesday, January 12, 2010

5 Things on My Current Fabulista!

Greetings in 2010!

I know that I am seriously overdue for a post! I have so much to say but don't know where to start! I also am delayed in posting my New Years Goals! I'll have them up soon!! I promise! I'm looking forward to HUGE things in 2010!

So this is an easy post to get myself going!

5 Things on my Current Fabulista!

1. Japanese Cherry Blossom products from the Body Shop! ( I LOVE that smell! Its also the name of the events company that I co-own)
2. Dermalogica skin care range ( I covet them but I cant afford it sadly!)
3. The colours RED and PURPLE are my fav right now! I can't get enough!
4. Going to the beach and sun-tanning! (with sunscreen of course! its going to be 36 degrees Celsius in Cape Town tomorrow!)
5. Pilates! (I've been away over the festive season, but I am back!

I'm on my last week of holidays and plan to make the most of the me time that I have left. I definitely want to go to the beach tomorrow and catch some sun and sea! For those that live in Cape Town, you will know that someone was killed by a shark today on Fish Hoek beach...so...I definitely won't be going there!

I'm also going to be posting the details of my weight loss challenge! I would love to lose 10kg's by end April! Lets see if I can do it! Will give a full previous weight loss post and current weight loss status soon soon!!


Pics from Body Shop. Dermalogica, zazzle.com, polyvore.com

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  1. Heya, happy New Year. I am so jealous! I'd love to be in Cape Town (it's one of my favorite cities), London is below 0 all the time and that's too much for my African self. What are you doing to lose weight?