Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WiW Update 2

I totally did not want to post this update today!!I wish Weigh in Wednesday would go away!!

But I promised that I would do it and I will.

Today I gained 0.6kg!!! aaarrggh! So frustrating. I have a sneaky feeling that its all the food that I ate at my bf's bday lunch on Sunday!

Other than that my week was pretty normal.

1. I'm still not gaining control over my eating over week-ends! I need to work on that.
2. I drank more water than was required.
3. I've exercised Mon, Tue and Wed and plan to do so Thur and Fri.

My plan for this week is to go back to basic WL principles and go back to weighing all my food! I think my portions might be out of sync. So, I''l try that.

Also plan to start eating High Fibre Bran again for breakfast.

Mini Goals Update
*Drink 2l of water. I have been drinking more than 2l per day. Thats a plus.
*Lose 2kg by 3 Feb. I have now backtracked on the 2kg loss I wanted by 3 Feb!
* To eat more vegetables this week. I must confess that I am not a fan of eating fruit and vegetables. I haven't really been doing much of that...
* Drink 4-5 cups of green tea every day. I've managed to do that.
* New mini goal. Weigh all food this week and see if it makes a difference?

Starting date - 13/01/10 - 14kg to go!
21/01/10 - -1.0kg
27/01/10 - +0.6kg (angry face!)

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