Monday, January 25, 2010

Guess who's going to the UK!!

Hello friends!!

This week-end was so great! On Friday I went for sushi with my bffs. On Sat we did some shopping and spent time with dh's family. And on Sunday, it was my bff's bday and we had a fab luncheon at their new home and ate ate ate! Ok, so now I have to see what that means for the scale!

More good news, I booked a ticket to the UK for work last week! I'll be staying on Oxford with one of our work sponsors. I've always wanted to go to Oxford!! I'm going to be assisting with some fundraising for the projects in our NGO!! I am so excited! The only bummer is that dh cannot come along :( He has to work!! So, I'll be in the UK from 5-31 May!! I can't wait!!

Have a lovely week friends!! I'm off to the gym for Pilates!


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