Thursday, January 21, 2010

WiW update 1

Sorry for the delayed update on WiW but I only managed to get to the gym today to weigh due to a visit from the red monthlies gang! BUT, I have some good news! I lost 1 kilo this week!!! Yippee! Thats 2.2 pounds for those who work in pounds. I really wasnt expecting actuallly but it was a great surprise!

So how did I do this week?

1. My eating was pretty normal each week day except for the fact that I seem to be craving something sweet after supper. I think thats a terrible habit that I picked up over the festive season! So, in my naughtiness there's been a couple of nights where I had a bowl of ice-cream and yoghurt (yes I like them mixed together).

My typical daily menu was as follows:

Breakfast: 30g of WW Cheerios with FF Milk & coffee
Lunch: 2 slices WW toast with pb/cheese/fish paste
Supper: 200g chicken/meat, 100g baby potatoes and small salad
Drinks: 2L water, coke light, tea, coffee
Snacks: 2 fruits, yoghurt

Ok those were good days which were basically 5 out of 7. Week-ends are so hard for me to eat properly. I think that one can relax a bit on a week-end as long as it is in moderation. This Sunday however is my bff's birthday and we are planning a huge luncheon!! We are going to eat!! SO I hope that I can be extra good the rest of the week!

2. Exercise wasn't as good as I had planned. I would really like to reach 3 gym sessions for the week and then 4. At the moment,I'm probably averaging 2. Ok, plan for the week is to gym, Friday, Monday and Wed. Lets see if I can do it.

Update on Mini Goals and new mini goals:
*I have been reaching most of my water everyday. I would safely say between 1.5L and 2L
* I am half way to reversing my 2kg's gained since Nov.
* New mini goal to eat more vegetables this week. I must confess that I am not a fan of eating fruit and vegetables.
* Drink 4-5 cups of green tea every day. I've been trying that this week but I think it may be keeping me up at night. Does this happen to anyone else?

Starting date - 13/01/10 - 14kg to go!
21/01/10 - Lost 1.0kg

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  1. Well done, Nads! You have always made sticking to a healthy eating plan so exciting, easy-looking and attractive :)