Thursday, April 29, 2010

Help! What to pack for the UK?

Hello friends!

As you may or may not know, I am off to the UK for 4 weeks in 5 days time!! Eek! Not so much for a holiday (I wish) but more for work purposes (with some fun of course). BUT I've been stressing my head off these past few days as to what to pack in my suitcase. I am only allowed 20kg and suddenly that seems such a little to survive on for the month?? I mean, seriously SAA!!

I suppose my biggest dilemma is what the weather would be like over there at this time? I'm coming from Africa remember and my 'cold' and UK 'cold' is 2 completely different state of minds!

I think what I would most like to know is whether I should be packing a coat and boots for this time of year in the UK? Can anyone help me? That would solve one of my packing dilemmas! umm...thanks!

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  1. Boots (ones that can withstand a lot of rain), an umbrella, warm jumpers etc it's not too cold but it's very wet.